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IKEA must-haves

A new home, a new kitchen, is not just about good looking interiors. The details count.

Here's my share of things I recommend from IKEA. Saving you hours of scrolling and adding to the delight of a good purchase !

Best if you plan ahead, to have them fixed while carpenters are at work.


This post is not sponsored by IKEA. All logos, names and images are property of their respective owners and used here for discussion purposes only.


KUNGSFORS Magnetic knife rack

Once you get used to this to hold your knives in the kitchen, you’ll never use anything else.

A cooks delight !!! It adds to the ease & amps up the style quotient.

Knives, scissors, keys.... all things metal.


KLYKET Folding hook

These folding hooks are the ultimate addition to a modern interior. If you’re the type who appreciates details, these will get your attention. A sleek accessory for all rooms.

They almost gel into the whole look and do their work when asked !


VARIERA waste bin

This bin is my go-to accessory, not just as a waste bin for dry trash, but I also have them hooked-up in the bathroom as a laundry basket & hold trinkets in the utility area.

Doesn’t take any floor space, easy drop and carry to the washing machine. If you like to be super organised, you’ll love it’s versatility. Can be screwed in or hung on J hooks.


RINNIG Tea towel

When adding quirky touches to your kitchen, this is the best way to do it. Loving, organic prints. Adds fun to the space.

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