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Mougli on my roof !!!

Updated: Feb 21

When young Neel asked me to create a Mowgli-inspired treehouse, I just couldn't refuse. This spirited 6 year old wanted the full jungle book experience right in his farmhouse mango tree.

After watching The Jungle Book animated movie together, Neel had plenty of ideas. "There should be vines to swing from, just like Mowgli!" he said.


We got to work setting up sturdy rope swings and hammocks hanging from the tree limbs. For the treehouse floors, I wove bamboo shoots to get that rustic, earthy look.

Neel specifically requested a "bear cave" where he could snack, so we carved out a cozy nook with stuffed animal friends. We painted jungle scenery and animals like Baloo the bear on the walls.


For authenticity, Neel's parents helped source wheel-thrown clay pots, woven grass mats, and diya oil lamps. I knew the finishing touch had to be a hand-carved snake statue inspired by Kaa.


On unveiling day, Neel came dressed in his Mowgli red loincloth outfit. He scurried up the treehouse with glee, letting out a perfect elephant trumpet. From the rope swings to the snake statue, he was captivated by every detail.

Soon Neel was singing "The Bare Necessities" while munching mango slices in his treehouse. "This is my jungle paradise!" he beamed. Seeing Neel immersed in the world of his favorite movie was the most rewarding feeling.


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