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How to build 6 pack design abs.

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

Yes ! and without breaking into a sweat !

We all aspire to have it all... and then some.

Just as women swoon over a 6 pack ab, they are equally bowled over when they observe that you have a well developed aesthetic sense too. That's the ultimate impression you could possibly make ( besides, of course, a huge bank balance ! )

So, here's the weekly exercise plan for developing 6 pack design abs.

One set. Multiple reps.

Day 1 : Notice the world around you. See more. Feel more. In today's fast paced life, having a calm relaxed outlook will help with the warm up you need to get started.

Day 2 : Read great minds. Biographies and documentaries, fiction are a treasure trove. There is no great teacher, than the life journey of people, from diverse backgrounds. Reading develops our imagination and visualisation.

Day 3 : Switch off social media. Browse online museums and art galleries.Take in as much as you can. This will train your eye to analyse and appreciate the visual world. Our rich civilisations and cultures have achieved a lot, even before we were born.

Day 4 : Explore an fine-art supplies store. Without your credit card.

The purpose is to stroll around, marvelling at the sheer variety of goods that are on display. You might also pick up the names of the different paints ! Try finding how many reds are in there. Crimson, scarlet, brick red, cadmium ..... to name a few.

Day 5 : Watch the movie " Loving Vincent ". It's the first, fully painted, fully animated, biographical drama film on Vincent Van Gogh.

Each of the film's 65,000 frames is an oil painting on canvas, created using the same techniques as Van Gogh, by a team of 125 artists, from around the globe.

Watch it on Amazon Prime.

Day 6: Brood... Brood over whatever you've picked up in the last few days and allow it to be absorbed fully.

It's only when you keep assimilating and making it a part of you, that you will see the results.

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